Unit 6 – Pop Up Pod Paradise!

Unit 6 – Pop Up Pod Paradise!

Unit 6 – Pop Up Pod Paradise!

Unit 6 at Dyson Place is the newest addition to the Courtyard. Its a pop-up paradise with room to welcome local creatives, retailers, artists and more.

We want to support start-ups and small businesses to get their name out there on the streets (or courtyard) and this is the perfect opportunity to do it. Use us to accelerate your business and build up customers. We hope some of you will use us as a stepping stone to go on to bigger better things!

We’re taking this a step at a time, like all of the roadmaps these days. If you’re interested in joining us – or you know anyone who is a creative maker, mester, artist or designer – drop us a message using the ‘contact us’ part of our website so that we can talk.

Flexibility and Creativity

The plan is flexibility and creativity. We understand that it has been a terrible year for the high street and it’s riskier than ever to put your faith in bricks and mortar stores. We’re offering you the chance to start small too with short term pop ups. You get the opportunity to dip your toes in the new normal!

We already have a collection of varied Pods ready to pop-up at Unit 6 and we’re looking for you to be the next one to join us.

Please enjoy the outside seating, the room to browse and have a chat with Alex, our lovely host!

We have also done a comprehensive risk assessment and updated our safety protocols to ensure all people coming to Dyson Place are safe – after all its a busy place and we have to continue to provide appropriate social distancing.

Just make sure you come early on weekends to avoid disappointment!

“It’s a safe space for people to grow their business and meet their new customers”

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  1. […] Unit 6 Unit 6 at Dyson Place is another recent addition to the courtyard. It’s a pop-up paradise on-hand to welcome local creatives, retailers, artists and more into a shared retail space where start-ups and small businesses can build up their customer base. […]